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For decades, one-off aid projects have kept communities in Zimbabwe stuck in an endless cycle of poverty interrupted by fleeting moments of hope.

Bopoma Villages is different.


After diligently working to strengthen and equip families with better health and the skills to grow nutritious food year-round, at the end of 2022, we completed our agriculture and Healthy Homes programs in fifteen villages.

With clean water, better health and nutrition, and effective farming methods, families have been empowered to move forward independently to build a better future for their children.

We didn’t do this alone.

Our impact is the result of the combined contributions of our generous donors and an army of volunteers, in Canada and Zimbabwe, who have given and served faithfully for many years to see children and families in rural Zimbabwe experience the dignity of health and self-reliance and hope for the future.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for partnering with us to empower people to hope again and to put that hope into action.

Learn how we strengthened communities in need:

Clean Water

Whole communities gained access to clean water and better health through household water filters and community wells.  Learn More

Nutritious Food

With better farming methods, communities transformed land ravaged by climate change and drought into sustainable gardens that produce abundant wholesome food. Learn More

Safe and Healthy Homes

Families have adopted new high-impact, low-cost ways to prevent disease and live healthier lives. Learn More

Families for Orphans

Families have been strengthened and equipped to give orphaned children a home and the love and care they need. Learn More

What's next? Transition to local leadership

But we are not done yet! We are currently working closely with the Zimbabwe Board of Directors and local team to see our orphan care and youth training programs continue and grow under local leadership.

Building the capacity of local leaders ensures lasting impact.

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