10 Powerful Ways Rainwater Harvesting + Tree Planting are Transforming Lives, Land, and Communities

Bopoma Villages' rainwater harvesting and tree planting programs work together to:

1. Prolong the growing season

2. Improve crop yields, nutrition, and health

3. Provide income for subsistence farmers from the sale of surplus produce

4. Preserve precious topsoil

5. Reduce erosion

6. Revitalize soil

7. Reduce rainwater runoff and flood damage

8. Raise the water table and well levels

9. Improve water quality as trees filter and release rainwater slowly into rivers

10. Help combat deforestation

Rainwater harvesting and tree planting are an important part of Bopoma Villages comprehensive community empowerment program. Join us to help build healthy, resilient, self-reliant families and communities in rural Zimbabwe.


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