COVID-19 Response

Our Response

The potential consequences of an outbreak of COVID-19 for vulnerable communities in rural Zimbabwe are grim. With almost no access to healthcare, preventing the spread of the virus is critical. However, families lack information to help them stay safe, and fear what the future might bring. Bopoma Villages has responded in the following ways:

person cutting fabric
Ladies in garden wearing masks to protect against COVID-19

Emergency COVID-19 Education

While taking care to practice and model social distancing, Bopoma Villages’ team conducted a household to household education program to teach families five key strategies to protect themselves and combat the spread of COVID-19. These key strategies continue to be reinforced by our team in all of our ongoing project work. The response has been tremendous.

Handwashing and Tippy Taps

One of the strategies we teach every day as part of our Healthy Homes program is the simple act of hand washing with soap or ash. In Zimbabwe, as in every part of the world, effective hand washing is a powerful defence against COVID-19 and other viruses and diseases. Our staff report that families are heeding this advice and building more tippy-tap hand washing stations.

Tippy Tap
Two in garden

Nutrition and Biointensive Farming

Our biointensive farming program continues to equip families to grow nutritious food through highly productive biointensive methods. High-nutrient food improves health and builds immunity to disease. This life-transforming training is proving to be more critical now than ever.

As a known and trusted organization in the community, Bopoma Villages is a lifeline to children and families who have nowhere to turn for help. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us, orphaned children, the elderly, and those living in poor health. Thank you for standing with us at this time of unprecedented need.

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