Borehole Spouting Water

For Better or Worse…Water Changes Everything

Zimbabwe is suffering through the worst drought in more than 35 years. This year has been hot and dry with virtually no rainfall from December to February, normally the wettest months. The crop yields are very poor, and as most rural Zimbabweans are subsistence farmers and only eat what they can grow, hunger and malnutrition are reaching catastrophic levels. This situation will only continue to worsen until the rains come again next December.

Dry Area

Despite the drought, Bopoma Villages is successfully helping individuals in 12 rural villages provide for their own families, and as well as orphaned children in their communities.

Over the past 5 years we have distributed thousands of Biosand household water filters, which purify the highly contaminated groundwater that is the only source of water for many rural people.

BioSand Filter

Our farming program teaches organic farming methods that give greater yields using less water

Keyhole Garden


Thanks to the generosity of our donors Bopoma Villages has drilled new boreholes for 5 villages in Zaka! An ongoing source of water is life-changing for these communities.

Borehole Spouting Water

It’s a gusher!

Children Gathering Water from New Borehole

The borehole is now fully operational!

Girls carrying water

These girls now have an abundant supply of water for drinking and to nourish their gardens!

Cheering kids

For students at Chirara School a new borehole is definitely worth cheering about!

Bopoma Villages is also developing and teaching methods of rainwater harvesting and conservation so that families and communities can retain and make maximal use of whatever rainwater falls.

Bopoma Villages partners with communities to develop practical, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to local problems. All publicly donated funds go directly to our projects in Zimbabwe.

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