Danda School

Hope in Action: A New Roof for Danda School

Parents of children attending Danda Primary School were left in despair after a storm blew the roof off their school building. What would their children do now? Who could they look to for help?

Danda Primary School serves over 600 children from surrounding villages. Their families are subsistence farmers who struggle to meet their essential daily needs. The cost of replacing the roof seemed an insurmountable barrier. And yet, this story ends with celebration. How did this happen?

The community came together and made it happen. Bopoma Villages encouraged the affected villages to put into practice the principles they learned at workshops led by Reconciled World, one of Bopoma Villages’ trusted training partners. Instead of searching for someone to rescue them, families were encouraged to consider what resources they had to contribute to solving their own problem.

With leadership from the area Headman, village leaders began to come forward with contributions from their communities. Carpenters, builders, and general labourers offered their time and expertise. Village families agreed to each contribute $1 to purchase nails and roofing materials. The result? A new roof, children back at school, and a huge celebration!

For decades, one-off aid projects have kept communities in Zimbabwe stuck in an endless cycle of poverty interrupted by fleeting moments of hope. Bopoma Villages is different. Our work is all about breaking this intergenerational cycle of despair. It’s about empowering whole communities of people to hope again and move forward by putting their hope into action. Every day we see families and whole communities moving towards health, self-sufficiency, and a better future. Join us to unleash hope and opportunity for more families in need.

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