Our work is all about strengthening and equipping people to rise above their current circumstances to create better lives for their families and orphaned children in their communities.

Our Staff and Volunteers

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, together with our team of volunteers, not only teach but come alongside families as they put the skills they learn into action. We involve everyone in the learning process and stay with them until they know what to do and how to do it.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Building skills and expertise is not a one-time, short-term effort. When we help a community learn to maintain a borehole or build nutritious gardens we are doing exactly that; helping a community do it themselves. Handouts provide fast relief but do not bring lasting change. Working alongside people to enable them to lift themselves out of poverty is more difficult and time-consuming but results in change that endures.


We do What we Teach

All of our staff have implemented the strategies they teach at their own homes. Their flourishing gardens, rainwater harvesting trenches, BioSand filters, tippy taps, rocket stoves, fly traps, and hygiene and nutrition habits set a new standard in their villages. They are change agents in their communities, inspiring their neighbours and even passersby!

Zim May 2015 -551

The Power of Community

People encourage and learn from each other. The result - a thriving community! Other villages observe the success and want to implement our programs in their villages. We meet monthly with community volunteers to build strong local leaders. More seasoned leaders encourage and help emerging leaders in other communities. Together much more is accomplished!

Volunteer Training

Local Church Partnerships

One way we build community capacity is by partnering with local churches to meet community needs. Churches are responding by implementing "acts of love" for vulnerable families, providing practical, emotional, and spiritual support for orphaned children and their caregivers, and encouraging families to foster orphaned children.


Results Matter

We conduct regular field surveys and act on what we learn by implementing revised methods based on our findings. We work with staff to help with any challenges and to provide additional training.

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