Tabitha and produce


Tabitha has struggled with health issues, including asthma, and required medication which she could not always afford. But she now enjoys the best health she has had for many years. How? Better nutrition thanks to fresh vegetables from her garden, clean water, and a Healthy Home. Because of the generosity of our donors women like […]
School Garden

A School With Vision

Maize plants are withering in surrounding areas, but thanks to Bopoma Villages’ agricultural training program the garden at Mutendi School is flourishing. The garden provides nutritious vegetables for orphaned children attending the school, and some is sold to provide funds for school fees and supplies, while students learn about nutrition and biointensive farming. The great […]
Boys at a borehole

Good Nutrition + Better Health = Thriving Kids

Just six months after Bopoma Villages introduced biointensive farming to Chimedza Village, gardens are flourishing and families are eating nutritious vegetables daily, bringing health and new energy. Well-nourished children avoid illness, go to school, learn – and play! As Mrs. Machingambi happily reported: “Now if you see our children playing in the fields, you will […]
Wesley and his mother

Wesley and Locadia

Wesley is a bright and engaging eight-year-old boy whose mother died in childbirth; his widowed grandmother, Locadia (above), cares for him and his older brother. She is one of the many heroic Zimbabwean grandmothers who are caring for a generation of orphaned children with few or no resources but with much love and determination. Locadia […]
Two individuals in our OATs program

Congratulations to our OATS

Tapera (left) and Victor (right) have just completed a two year program to become Organic Agriculture Trainers (OATs). As part of our team, they are bringing sustainable, long-term change to Zimbabwe through better farming and nutrition!
Rafiki Girls

Rafiki Girls’ Centre

Bopoma Villages has partnered with Rafiki Girls’ Centre which offers 20 disadvantaged and vulnerable young women from the Zaka area the opportunity to attend a nine-month vocational training course to help them achieve financial independence. Graduates of the Centre have found employment as nurses’ aides, nursery school assistants, and in beauty salons and the hotel […]
Group of children

Saving Water Day

When Ms. Miedema’s Grade 5/6 class at Timothy Christian School in Toronto chose to focus on clean water for its Social Studies Justice Project, the whole school decided to join in. Their “Saving Water Day” was an overwhelming success! For a full day the students drank only the water they had carried up from a […]
Girl getting water from Biosand Filter

Water Filter Works Perfectly Five Years Later

This is one of the original BioSand Filters built and installed in Zaka five years ago; it is still working perfectly and will for many years! This precious little girl has had clean drinking water her entire life, protecting her from the many water-borne diseases in Zimbabwe.

Mutendi School

Bopoma Villages worked with Mutendi School to build a large organic garden for the benefit of orphaned students. Watch this to see how the students expressed their gratitude and joy!

Interview with Water Filter Recipient

Mr. Petros is one of Bopoma Villages’ enthusiastic and happy water filter recipients. See what he has to say about his BioSand Filter in this video.
Bopoma Villages Volunteers

Responding to Tragedy

The Bopoma Villages team recently responded to a tragic situation in Zaka: the mother of three children died, leaving them orphans with no family to care for them. The mother was the children’s last surviving relative in the region; the children’s father had died several years earlier. While she was alive, the mother did subsistence farming but […]
Opening up a Biosand Filter

Health Department Tests Biosand Filter

The district health department recently tested water from the Nyabise River before and after it was treated with a Bopoma Villages Biosand Filter. The results were compelling. Bacteria in the untreated water were “TNTC” – too numerous to count; in the filtered water there were no bacteria at all. The Biosand Filter is a remarkable […]
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