Mrs Jani

The Joy of Dish Drying Racks

Mrs. Jani (above left) used to dry her utensils on a stone, but they were exposed to dogs and domestic animals. She’s now happy to have a new dish drying rack built with the help of friends and community members.

With help from other community members, Mrs. Jani is now the proud owner of a dish drying rack built entirely from locally available and accessible materials. Wet dishes are easily recontaminated with bacteria. Dish drying racks allow dishes to dry after washing, sunlight kills germs, and racks keep them out of reach of children and animals.

Dish drying racks in rural Zimbabwe villages are just one of the simple no or low cost community interventions that form part of Bopoma Villages’ Healthy Home project developed to address the ravaging impacts of extreme poverty, malnutrition and illness. Sick adults cannot work, farm or care for children; sick children do not grow, attend school or develop socially. The Healthy Homes project consists of eight practical, proven and sustainable solutions to break this cycle of poverty.

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