Opening up a Biosand Filter

Health Department Tests Biosand Filter

Biosand Filter Building
Bopoma Villages’ team building Biosand Filters in Zaka

The district health department recently tested water from the Nyabise River before and after it was treated with a Bopoma Villages Biosand Filter. The results were compelling. Bacteria in the untreated water were “TNTC” – too numerous to count; in the filtered water there were no bacteria at all. The Biosand Filter is a remarkable Canadian invention. It’s well-suited for the developing world as it is inexpensive compared to other water treatment methods, has no operating costs, requires no chemicals, works for years with minimal maintenance, and is highly effective! Bopoma Villages’ team in Zaka manufactures and installs about 600 filters per year, bringing clean water to 5000-6000 people. Learn more about BioSand Filters

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