Tippy Tap

“Now we are a very healthy family”

Mrs. Matanda of Chimedza Village washes her hands at her new tippy-tap

Mrs. Matanda is a widow who has devoted herself to caring for her three orphaned grandchildren, ages ten to twelve. Frequent illnesses, due mostly to poor hygiene, made life very difficult for Mrs. Matanda and her grandchildren.  "Bopoma came to us at a time when we were in a desperate state. They taught us about rocket stoves, tippy-taps, fly traps, pot racks and water filters. Truly speaking this is how we got our breakthrough. Now we are a very healthy family."

Better health means Mrs. Matanda has more time and energy to  tend to her garden and fruit trees and can earn more selling fruits and vegetables at the local market. In the rural region of Zaka, Zimbabwe, grandmothers like Mrs. Matanda have stepped in to care for a generation of orphaned children with a lot of love but few resources and little support. Bopoma Villages' staff and volunteers come alongside these heroic women to encourage and equip them with the knowledge, skills and assistance they need to provide a healthier, brighter future for their  families.

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