Simbisai uses her newly built dish drying rack

Simbisai–now one of the happiest people in her village!

Simbisai and Matariro live in Muneri village with their three children ages 16, 10 and 3. Matariro has a heart condition which makes it difficult for him to perform manual labour leaving most of the burden of providing for the family to Simbisai.

Like most of the residents of Muneri village, the family draws its water from a local stream. Unfortunately, this stream is heavily contaminated with waste from nearby Ndanga Hospital causing residents to regularly fall very ill with diarrhea and other diseases.

Simbisai and Matariro watched as others in their village to adopted the interventions introduced by Bopoma Villages. When they saw the changes in the lives of other families, they decided to get on board. Since then, the family has experienced many changes. Bopoma Villages staff now describe Simbisai as one of the happiest people in her village!

  • With a BioSand water filter, the family is no longer experiencing waterborne diseases.
  • With beds in the Muneri community garden, Simbisai is now growing abundant nutritious vegetables for her family and even extra to sell by the side of the road near Ndanga Hospital.
  • The income Simbisai earns helps her to buy essential items including school supplies for their children. (Bopoma Villages helped the family obtain government assistance for school fees so they can send their children to school.)
  • With increasing deforestation, Simbisai is very grateful to cook over a rocket stove which uses substantially less firewood, reducing the time she spends gathering wood and giving her more time for her family.
  • The whole family has benefited from the rocket stove as it produces significantly less toxic smoke, dangerous for everyone, but particularly for Matariro because of his heart condition.
Simbisai and her BioSand water filter
Simbisai Muneri at her rocket stove

Every day, more families across rural Zaka, Zimbabwe are learning how they can build their health and a much brighter future for their families with a Healthy Home.

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