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Bopoma Villages was founded by Randy and Natalie Watson. In 2009, Randy travelled to Zimbabwe on a fact-finding mission in what proved to be a life-changing journey. A cardiologist practicing in Mississauga, Ontario, Randy was gripped by the devastating impact of economic collapse, disease, and malnutrition. A clean water and hygiene program was developed in Zaka, a rural area in southern Zimbabwe, and Bopoma Villages was formed!

A family trip to Zimbabwe in 2010 captured the hearts of Randy’s wife, Natalie, and their two daughters, Leah and Lara. The work in Zimbabwe quickly became a major focus of the family’s time and energy. While working in Zaka, the Watsons were deeply burdened by the tragic situations of so many orphaned children. Bopoma Villages expanded its work to respond to this critical need through programs that  strengthen and equip families to meet their own needs and care for orphaned children in their communities.

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Equipping families to meet their needs

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Community training

In their work to support vulnerable children and families, the Watsons are fuelled by their conviction that everyone was created for a purpose, has a God-given destiny, and deserves the opportunity to flourish.


Presenting children with school uniforms 

Natalie and Randy are extremely grateful to Bopoma Villages’ Board of Directors, its  dedicated volunteers in Canada and Zimbabwe, and generous donors who have partnered with them to bring health, opportunity, dignity, and hope to vulnerable children and families in rural Zimbabwe.

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