Man planting fruit tree sapling

Rainwater Harvesting + Fruit Trees = Abundant Harvest

An important component of Bopoma Villages’ agricultural program is training families and communities in methods of rainwater harvesting. These methods enable subsistence farmers to extend the growing season of their gardens and improve their crop yields, a critical need for communities struggling with severe food shortages. But the benefits are multiplied over time as the quality of soil ravaged by drought and erosion is revived leading to further improved agricultural productivity, food security and household income, and even a higher water table to sustain community water wells.

Thanks to a group of generous donors, Bopoma Villages was able to offer two fruit tree saplings to households that implemented rainwater harvesting on their land. Families responded with enthusiasm and a lot of digging and hard work. Kilometres of trenches and hundreds of infiltration pits and other water conservation strategies were dug and developed, substantially expanding rainwater harvesting across the region.

This month, families received their rewards. Their trenches and infiltration pits were filled to overflowing as the rainy season got off to a much better start than it has for many years. These rains will nourish trees, crops and soil long past the rainy season. Participating households also received their tree saplings. Trees bring important benefits to communities: They provide food and income, help reduce erosion and flooding, clean the air, provide oxygen, help prevent water pollution, and provide shade for animals and people.

At Bopoma Villages, we help communities break the intergenerational cycle of poverty through projects that work together to build self-sufficient families and communities. You can help lift up communities in need by partnering with Bopoma Villages to bring solutions that really work:

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