Fly Trap

Remarkable Recycling in Zimbabwe

What do a fly trap and a tippy tap have in common? They are both made from empty plastic containers and both help save lives in poor remote villages in Zimbabwe. Simple homemade devices like fly traps and tippy taps are easy to construct using low or no-cost locally available materials. These simple implements protect the health of villagers from diseases spread by flies and contaminated water. Bopoma Villages is dedicated to empowering villagers to overcome the extreme challenges they battle on a daily basis. With the generous support of its donors, Bopoma Villages is transforming villages in Zaka, Zimbabwe, one family at a time.

Joseph with Tippy Tap, BioSand Filter and Rocket Stove

Joseph Wasosa is one of Bopoma Villages’ dedicated community volunteers. Before the arrival of Bopoma Villages in Zaka, Zimbabwe, Joseph’s family and many others suffered from many preventable diseases transmitted by flies and contaminated water. Joseph is grateful for the opportunity to help improve the quality of life of children and families in his village through the practical interventions introduced by Bopoma Villages through the Healthy Homes project. Clean water, nutritious food, outdoor stoves designed to produce less smoke, and improved hygiene are resulting in families experiencing better health and a new sense of hope. They no longer have to spend scarce financial resources on medical bills and can focus their energy on farming and caring for their families. By building the capacity of families and communities to care for themselves and others, Bopoma Villages’ ensures that the generosity of its donors will change lives for generations to come.

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