Rocket Stove in use

Rocket Stoves take off in Zaka!

Salome Chakomoka smiles as she prepares dinner for her family. A mother of three young children, Salome has a lot to smile about as she proudly prepares a meal on her new outdoor rocket stove.

Cooking in Africa is usually done over open fires in small huts. The resulting smoke is one of the leading causes of death for women and small children. Bopoma Villages’ team teaches families to build no-cost rocket stoves that generate more heat with less smoke. The health benefits last a lifetime! Rocket stoves also use a fraction of the amount of wood needed for an open fire, saving women and girls hours of labour.

Rocket stoves are one of eight low-cost high-impact interventions that form part of Bopoma Villages’ Healthy Homes project. “Thanks to Bopoma Villages for your concern. We now know that it is us who can change our lives” says Salome.

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