Simbarshe goes back to school

Simbarashe’s Success

It is the hope of every orphaned child we meet to be part of a family and a community and to attend school just like the other children in their village. However, in rural Zimbabwe, orphaned children face overwhelming barriers that often keep them from realizing these hopes.

After the tragic loss of both of his parents, Simbarashe went to live with his grandmother who was already overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for other orphaned children she had taken in. Bopoma Villages helped Simbarashe’s grandmother develop a household garden to provide the children in her care with nutritious food. She was also taught simple, but powerful strategies to help her family resist the threats to their health. With assistance, she was able to complete the necessary paperwork to obtain a death certificate for Simbarashe’s mother and a birth certificate for him, so he could be registered for school. Because he was absent for so long, Simbarashe was sent back to primary school. As a 17 year old, it was very hard for him to be in a class with children so much younger. However, with counselling and encouragement from Bopoma Villages’ social worker and volunteers from his village, Simbarashe persevered with courage and determination. His grandmother is proud to report that he is progressing well with his studies. We are proud of him too.

Bopoma Villages strengthens and equips families caring for more than 450 orphaned children living in 12 villages in rural Zimbabwe.

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