A Boy Named Tadiwa

When Elsa, Bopoma Villages’ social worker, found Tadiwa, an eight-year-old orphan living with his grandmother, he was “a lovely boy, clever and ever-smiling.” But Tadiwa he had never been able to go to school and barely survived on handouts from neighbours. With Bopoma Villages’ help, Tadiwa is now attending school for the first time and has new shoes and a school uniform. He loves school!


If given a good educational background, love, support and care” Elsa remarks, Tadiwa “can be a great man one day.”


Bopoma Villages is also preparing a biointensive garden for Tadiwa and his grandmother that they can maintain themselves and have an ongoing source of nutritious food. This will also be a demonstration plot for the community, used to teach the techniques of biointensive farming to their neighbors.

Tadiwa and his grandmother would like to thank the Rexdale Alliance Church’s sewing group for providing them with new clothes.

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