A Venture Capitalist’s Perspective

“I work in the venture capital industry where significant emphasis is placed on stewardship of investor capital. I often feel, disconcertingly, that the non-profit industry does not manage its money well. Sometimes only a few cents of every dollar actually leads to measurable impact.

For me, Bopoma Villages is a grand exception. It’s clear that Randy and Natalie Watson genuinely care for the rural people of Zimbabwe. In terms of fiscal responsibility, I’m also impressed. Rather than drawing large salaries, they invest their own money into the project year after year, and spend much of their free time working on it. Rather than general calls for funding, they seek donations for specific direct project costs, such as drilling wells. They have also developed innovative contracts with each community that give local people the know-how and responsibility of maintaining their own wells and gardens. When I travelled to Zimbabwe to visit the projects, I could see that my donations had led to tangible impact and would yield benefits for a long time.

I can attest that investing in Bopoma Villages is as exciting and impactful as investing in a fast growth start up, perhaps with an even greater sense of purpose.”

Nathan Shantz
Puente Capital

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