Welcome Elias!

We are thrilled to welcome Elias to Zaka! Elias is a Thrive trainer from Kenya who will live in Zaka for about one year, teaching biointensive agriculture and nutrition. He is training two local students (who have been to the Thrive training center in Kenya for four months) and working with Bopoma Villages’ team developing farming plots for families caring for orphaned children, which will also serve as demonstration plots for the surrounding community.

People in our area have taken a keen interest in the flourishing biointensive garden at our facility in Zaka and are eager to learn the techniques. Ronald, Bopoma Villages’ farming and facilities manager, is excited and passionate about the ability of biointensive farming to take families from food deprivation to self-sufficiency, and the power of good nutrition to improve the health of many.

We are privileged to partner with Thrive, a wonderful organization with an amazing vision.

In this picture, Ronald (left), Victor (one of our students, center), and Elias preparing a kitchen garden at our Children’s Village. Biointensive agriculture generates amazing yields from small gardens using no external inputs (fertilizer or pesticides). Eight elements work together to ensure productivity and sustainability. Learn more about biointensive agriculture

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