Opollinah Keyhole Garden

Woman’s Garden Supports Child in University

Even in June, the middle of Zimbabwe’s winter, Opollinah Nhongo’s keyhole garden has healthy tomatoes, onions, and kale. By contrast, many other gardens in the area lie fallow when the weather gets cold.

Opollinah is grateful for the farming and nutrition workshops hosted by Bopoma Villages in her village. “I have learned how important greens are to stay healthy from the nutrition workshops conducted by the Bopoma teams.” And now with her year-round garden, “I won’t lack nutritious greens on my table and I have managed to build a second garden to grow vegetables to sell  to help support my child who attends university.”

“I feel like I am one with Bopoma Villages because I encourage my community to do what I do,” she affirms. “I have made it my duty that the caregivers in my village … make the most of their keyhole gardens.”

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