Zimbabwe battles extreme challenges:

  • A devastating AIDS epidemic leaving a generation of orphaned children
  • the constant threat of disease from lack of clean water and basic hygiene
  • widespread food shortages and malnutrition
  • a near-total collapse of the health care system
  • a broken economy with unemployment over 90%, and
  • successive droughts.

The United Nations consistently ranks Zimbabwe among the lowest of all nations for quality of life.

The Zaka Region

Zaka is a hilly rural region of about 200,000 people in southern Zimbabwe. Most people are subsistence farmers, but the area is dry and crop yields are generally poor. There is little economic activity and it is difficult to see how many people survive.

Yet things are changing in 15 rural villages in Zaka. Bopoma Villages’ programs are restoring health through clean water, nutritious food and improved hygiene. Every day, more people living in extreme poverty are being equipped to create better lives for themselves, their families and future generations.

See the difference good nutrition and better health makes to children, and how one school is supporting its orphaned students!

Visit our stories or our Facebook page to learn more about how families and whole villages are lifting themselves out of poverty.

Map of Zaka region in Zimbabwe
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