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The Orphan Challenge

One in four children in Zimbabwe has lost one or both parents. Many are cared for by a loving grandmother, aunt or other relative, but continue to experience hunger, poor health and deprivation. Others are abandoned and grow up in orphanages or child-headed households because their extended family members are desperately poor and unable to provide for even their basic needs.

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Children Belong in Families

Bopoma Villages came alongside grandmothers and other caregivers to strengthen and equip them to provide homes and care for orphaned children. For children who were separated from their caregivers, we provided temporary care while our team conducted extensive family tracing to reunite them with family members. If this was not possible, we worked to place children in a loving family in the community. Bopoma Villages worked with community volunteers to help families care for hundreds of orphaned children.

Keeping Kids in School

Zimbabweans place a high value on education, but many families cannot afford school fees and face other obstacles that prevent them from sending their children to school. One way we equipped communities to provide for orphaned children was to help families register and keep their children in school.

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