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“I am back on my feet again…”

Until recently, Bridgette, a widow, and her four children and two grandchildren were chronically hungry and frequently sick. New to her village, Bridgette felt isolated and hopeless.

Like most people in rural Zimbabwe, Bridgette is a subsistence farmer. Her family survives on what she can grow and sell. However, a lack of farming skills and poor sanitation at her home kept her family trapped in the downward spiral of hunger, illness, poverty, and despair.

Bopoma Villages’ team learned about Bridgette’s situation and helped her to develop a household keyhole garden which is now flourishing with wholesome food for her family. Bridgette was also taught seven simple things she could do to improve her family’s health. While observing social distancing, Bopoma Villages’ team provided Bridgette with one on one coaching until she could confidently manage her garden and had implemented all seven Healthy Homes strategies.

“I was actually a moving grave, no hope for life, lonely, no food, no church…The place I was living in had poor sanitation which was destroying my health. I thank God because before it was too late, I was rescued by the Bopoma team who helped me with everything that I needed. I am back on my feet again with the knowledge I need to go forward with my family.”

One family, one village at a time, Bopoma Villages is helping people break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and despair. We are empowering whole communities of people to hope again and to move forward by putting that hope into action. Would you join us?

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Through your support of Bopoma Villages today, you can help produce a ripple effect that will lift up communities in need - now and for generations to come.  

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