Tippy Tap

Stopping disease before it starts

Above: Gogo Magavhu shows her granddaughter, Faith, how to use a tippy-tap handwashing station

Gogo Magavhu is a widow who faces overwhelming challenges caring for her own family as well as her 3-year-old granddaughter. In the past, she struggled to care for her family through frequent illnesses. Earlier this year, neighbours brought the Magavhu family to Bopoma Villages’ attention after seeing them suffer from dysentery due to poor hygiene. Bopoma Villages responded by introducing them to its Healthy Homes interventions—seven simple strategies to minimize the family’s exposure to illness and disease. The family members immediately experienced better health. Even now, Gogo cannot hide her joy over her family’s improved well-being.

In an area where health care services are out of reach for most people, preventing illness and disease is critical. Bopoma Villages Healthy Home strategies cost virtually nothing but are having a powerful impact on the health of hundreds of vulnerable children and families like the Magavhus in rural Zimbabwe.  Learn more about Healthy Homes

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