Patricia is very proud to show us her newly constructed kitchen garden.

Gardening Her Way into the Future

Patricia is very proud to show us her newly constructed kitchen garden.

Patricia is an orphan who, like many others in her village, was taken in by a relative after the death of her parents. The family members struggle to meet even their basic needs. Every week Patricia travels close to 12 km by bus and on foot to attend Bopoma Villages’ Youth against AIDS Club where she learns essential life skills including how to grow nutritious vegetables using highly productive biointensive agricultural methods. The youth also learn about nutrition, hygiene, AIDS and personal responsibility. Through the Youth against Aids Club, Patricia will have the opportunity to attend a vocational training program where she will learn marketable skills that she can use to support herself, instead of being forced to enter into an unwise and early marriage to survive.

Patricia’s aunt expressed much gratitude for the assistance and training Patricia has received from Bopoma Villages which has helped the entire family. “We never knew there was such a garden as this until our niece… brought it home. Bring everything in the name of development to us, we are eager to learn and implement these ideas.”

Providing agricultural training and assistance to build a biointensive garden is a long-term sustainable investment in a family that delivers food and health, but also hope, dignity and possibility. Our vision is flourishing families and communities. We are grateful to our donors for helping us get there.

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